Kathy's Creations LLC is a made-to-order specialty bakery, where every item is totally gluten-free and made from scratch. Every item available from Kathy's is made by hand from scratch on the premises, from pie crust to lemon poppyseed biscotti. For those who need or desire a healthful gluten-free diet, Kathy's is an answer to prayer! You won't believe gluten-free goodness could have such a heavenly great homemade taste, or come in so many mouthwatering choices.

Kathy's Creations is located in Alliance, Ohio, almost right between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. A full selection of items may be purchased at the bakery. Select items are available at fine health food and gourmet shops throughout Northeast Ohio. If your neighborhood shop doesn't carry your favorite delicious gluten-free baked goods from Kathy's Creations, ask them to call right away!

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